World Headquarters

UHealth Global World Headquarters in West Covina, California has over 10,000 sq. feet of Corporate Offices, Distributor Meeting Rooms, Warehouse Facilities and an Amazing Lounge and Event Meeting Space.  Come Visit us Today…

First Class Offices & Manufacturing

UHealth Global is committed to providing World Class Products and Services.  Our Executive and Distributor Offices, and Manufacturing Facilities are First Class.

Manufacturing Facilities

We use facilities with complete in house teams. They are a one-stop-shop to get everything we need to manufacture and sell our supplements. They are able to get our supplements manufactured, bottled, labeled, packaged and shipped all from one place. This allows us to save time and money which we pass on to you. From the initial quote, raw material purchase, lab and testing, manufacturing and bottling, label and packaging to shipping and fulfillment, our facilities offer it all.  

High-quality products

We differentiate our products by creating customized formulas that leverage extensive sourcing expertise and R&D capabilities. We use a quality control department, production department, and laboratory, that all work together to strictly control the quality of our products, which lets our products be successful in the market and satisfied by both Brand Partners and customers alike. We guarantee the purity of our products through every step of the manufacturing process. We are also partnered with multiple manufacturing facilities to offer redundancy for security as well as being able to oer a flexible schedule for production runs to respond quickly to shifting demands and shorten the production process.

Complies with cGMP Regulations

The manufacturing plants we use meet all industry nutritional and dietary supplement manufacturing standards, including FDA and GMP compliance and cGMP regulations. With over 20 years of industry experience, these professionals manage the process and produce our products with substantial-quality controls.

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